Up and up, without the stairs!

“Some of our more mature students are struggling with the stairs at our current premises”, says Dom Rebout of the Modern Language School, at Meltham Mills.
Learning a foreign language as an adult is reputed to keep you mentally fit, but it does not help with physical fitness.
“We’ve had 6 wonderful years at Meltham Mills”, continues Dom, “and have been very proud to offer a space dedicated to language learning to over 300 students in the region. But as the numbers of our students grew and we introduced another 3 languages, our original 3 rooms started to seriously restrict our scope. I remember losing potential Japanese students because we simply had no room available at 7pm. Also, some of our classes are quite “cosy” in the smallest room.”
Finally, after an extensive search, the Modern Language School have found the new premises they were looking for. Unit 7, at Queen’s Square Business Park, Honley will house 5 classrooms, a kitchenette and a breakout area. Without stairs.
At present, the unit is a vast space with 2 toilet and shower cubicles. Extensive work is starting this week to be ready by the September term and will include:

•       partition walls creating 5 classrooms
•       suspended ceilings for better acoustics and heat retention
•       overhauling the electric circuits and lighting
•       bringing in a gas supply
•       installing a central heating system
•       installing ventilation
•       fitting new flooring throughout
•       fitting a kitchenette and creating a breakout area

Says Dom “Lynne, Vicky and I really believe in our school and love our work. We are convinced the new premises will transform the Modern Language School from a great place to learn to the great place to learn in the region.”
For details of languages and classes, please see www.modernlanguageschool.co.uk or check https://www.facebook.com/ModernLanguageSchool and https://twitter.com/MLSpartners.


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